The Angel's Share

The Angel's Share are:

Pete Braccio - Bouzouki

Bill Ingram - Guitar

Matthew Elliott - Fiddle

Jackie Pierce - Fiddle

The Angels' share is a group of Monterey Peninsula artists who play the lively and evocative "pure drop" tunes of Ireland and Scotland. Close your eyes and the music will take you to a delightful place, where the weather is cool, the "craic" is warm, and where there may be a wee dram waiting for you at a place by the fire.

Pete Braccio--Bouzouki, Mandolin: Pete has a BA in Physics and Astronomy and an MS in Physics so, of course, he’s been a ditch digger, a waiter, a bouncer, a bartender, a Naval Officer, an Oceanographer, and a Computer Network Administrator. He has one wife, two daughters, three cats, and many mandolins, guitars, whistles, and other musical instruments. He plays bouzouki (Greek for “big mandolin”) with The Angel’s Share to justify further musical purchases to the one wife, two daughters, and, occasionally, three cats. The other musical instruments don’t appear to mind more instruments coming into the house. Yet. Pete has also played with The Reel Deal, and has been a presenter at mandolin camps and symposia, and is recognizable as "the sound guy" for St. Mary's Celtic Music Series.

Matthew Elliott--Fiddle: Matthew is a relative newcomer on the local music scene. He is a student of Fiddler John Weed of the famed Celtic band "Molly's Revenge," an avid hiker and camper, Eagle Scout, and member of The Celtoid Kids. He can often be found playing for the enjoyment of shoppers on the local farmer's market circuit. We warmly welcome Matthew to our musical family.

Bill Ingram--Guitar: Bill is a well-known bluegrass artist on the Monterey Peninsula and beyond, and we have finally persuaded him to go Celtic! He has played with The Coast Ridge Boys, Homefire, The Hay Boys, and has entertained the crowds at major bluegrass festivals, including Grass Valley. He has opened for major artists including The Tony Rice Unit and New Grass Revival. Bill began playing as a lad of 9, and his authentic grass roots and bluesy finger picking easily lends itself to the rhythm of jigs and reels. He is a fifth generation plastering contractor by day, and was born and raised in Carmel Valley.

Jackie Pierce--Fiddle: Jackie started classical violin at 9, after inheriting her grandfather's violin, a beautiful fiddle made in the 1850s, which she still plays. Fate took her on a trip to Scotland, where she joined in a pub session on the Isle of Skye. She fell in love with the music, which led to more travel on the Emerald Isle, and, well, the rest is history. She has played with The Reel Deal, The San Francisco Scottish Fiddlers, and rock/blues with the Monterey Peninsula Yacht Club House Band. She is a lawyer and mediator in Carmel, organizer of the Celtic Concert Series at St. Mary's-By-The-Sea, , co-leader of The Celtoid Kids, and a board member of Orchestra In The Schools. Most of all she is indebted to her husband, Mike, who insisted that they stop for a pint in that Scottish pub…

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